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Access control and management systems are an integral part of offices, shops, banks and other commercial objects. Additional video cameras can work in tandem with magnetic locks, providing a clear image of the visitor for an increased level of security. Magnetic locks fully meet strict fire safety requirements. When there is a power outage, the lock automatically switches to the “open” mode, providing free passage in emergencies. Proximity cards, key fobs, code panels and even biometric fingerprint scanners are used to open the lock and gain access to the room.

Our commercial locksmith company provides professional service for installation of high-security lock models that keep properties safe from unauthorized access. We guarantee clarity of the process, reasonable prices and prompt response. The locksmith dispatch centre accepts calls 24 hours a day and can be reached by phone at 0113 9496 0274.


An electromagnetic door lock is an innovative move of modern technologies in the field of security and protection of commercial properties from unauthorized access to the personal territory.

Magnetic locks offer a high level of security due to their reliability and durability thanks to the design of the mechanism and its correct installation. Professionally installed modern electromagnetic locking devices can hold massive metal doors. You can be sure of the quality, reliability and durability when choosing our locksmith service for taking care of your security needs. Several partnerships with leading lock manufactures for commercial objects allow us to keep our prices at the lowest in Leeds.

Electromagnetic locking devices are superior to other lock types due to the absence of friction between mechanical parts inside the case, which guarantees a high percentage of functional reliability, increased wear resistance and durability. The principle of operation of this type of device is quite simple and practical, but only on the condition that the installation was carried out by experienced commercial locksmith. Powerful lock consisting of a winding and core keeps the door from opening. After the door is closed, the unit connected to electricity begins to generate magnetic fields responsible for holding the striker, and it would take superhuman efforts to separate the plates.

Electromagnetic lock designs designed for commercial purposes have a strong electromagnet on one side and an iron plate on the other. It is appropriate to install them on the doors of premises where a large number of people enter every day such as the offices of trading companies and industrial enterprises, supermarkets and hotels, and other commercial buildings. Electromagnetic locks received particular recognition in the arrangement of premises belonging to various business structures. Their use allows owners to significantly improve control over the efficiency of the work process, discipline and streamline the system of receiving visitors.

Most ordinary door locks wear out quickly with high traffic through commercial premises, but electromagnetic models serve for a long time due to the fact that there are simply no mechanical parts that could wear out from frequent use of the door. The devices are easy to use and, besides, when installing locks, they will cost the buyer less than, for example, electromechanical products. Also, such locks take less time for the locksmith to install.

When choosing a magnetic lock, you should start from the type of door. So, for light wooden or plastic structures, compact locking devices with low power are the most suitable option. The pulling force of these models should be in the range of 150-200 kg. For entrance metal doors, more powerful devices are recommended that can withstand a load of 300 kg. For glass doors, there are models of magnetic sliding locks designed to prevent accidental damage.

It is recommended to choose a lock with a position sensor for swing type doors. This will allow the lock to “understand” that the door is in the desired position and can be locked for securing commercial premises. Conventional swing doors do not need such sensors, since they are equipped with automatic closers.

Our commercial locksmith company will help you not only to determine the appropriate type of lock but also provide qualified installation service. Remember, only professionals in this field can guarantee the correct installation and further trouble-free operation of such a system. If you decide that you can handle the installation of locks without the assistance of a professional locksmith, it is better to think over your decision as there is a risk of inflicting damage which will entail costly repairs.

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