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Our locksmith company has been opening locks since 2006. The core of the team was made up of employees with vast practical experience in emergency services. Over the years, they have faced situations in which it was necessary to open the door to the premises in order to save lives. We began to look for ways to open the lock more accurately, trying to cause minimal damage to the door. The team understood that not everyone would be able to afford the replacement of the front door after an opening. To understand how the locks work, we had to dismantle the old mechanisms. And, as it turned out later, opening the lock carefully, with minimal damage, was often faster than cutting down the door with power tools or entering the room through the window. Subsequently, some of our members set up their own companies specializing in repair and replacement of locks.


There were many years of studying the locking systems of safes, cars, etc. Our craftsmen would go out to factories that make locks. There, based on their experience, they gave recommendations on how to improve the protection of locks from unauthorized opening. Trips to the countries of near and far abroad were organized. During training seminars, we exchanged experience with professionals from other countries. We got acquainted with new technologies in the field of locks and security systems maintenance. The division of labour gradually took place.

Someone began to specialize in opening safes. Some have opened key cutting workshops. Others are busy picking car locks without damage. But all together, we represent a team of professionals in our respective fields. We work strictly within the framework of the law for the benefit of the residents of our city of Leeds. Based on the selection that the employees went through to work in the emergency locksmith service, you can be sure of the honesty and decency of our masters. Each employee is fully equipped, certified and licensed. Our team a part of the largest network in the UK for providing locksmith services. We also cooperate with workshops for the production of keys for most locking systems, safes and cars. For all questions and advice, please contact around the clock by phone at 0113 9496 0274.


We are trusted to pick locks. All employees of “EMERGENCY LOCKSMITHS IN LEEDS” have worked in the field of opening locks for several years. The services for car opening are provided at the lowest prices in Leeds. Our locksmith announces the prices before proceeding with the job which won’t change over the course of work. You only pay if the master was able to open the car. If necessary, after the opening, he will jump-start the car for free using a special 12 volts portable device. You will only be charged for the opening. In case you need to open the lock after the loss of a car key, we will do so without inflicting any damage to the paintwork or structure even if it’s a double locking system. We will gain access to the trunk of your car if the door was accidentally slammed shut with the keys remaining inside the cabin. It is a dangerous endeavour to turn to the neighbours, janitors near large stores, and just passers-by for help with gaining entry to a locked car without keys. The car opening prices start from only 90 pounds. You will save yourself a lot of time and nerves by contacting a professional locksmith right away to resolve the situation. During the work, we use special tools to ensure that the car remains undamaged.

We are proud that our locksmith company is among the best in the city and the residents trust us to take care of their lock-related issues. We have mobile units staged across Leeds and other nearby areas for quick response to calls. Our team has all the necessary means to deliver top quality service and meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. In Leeds, there are only a few specialists who have a complete set of tools for opening any car locks and who know how to use them, we are one of them. In extremely rare cases, the lock has to be replaced after the opening. The locksmith will proceed with the work only after the driver proves the ownership of the vehicle. The recharging of the battery is provided at no cost. Non-destructive opening of car locks is our main specialization; and if you are told that you need to wait a month for your car key or break the glass because your keys are in the trunk and the car otherwise can’t be opened, do not believe it. Any car locks can be opened without damage. Keep in mind, sometimes, we refuse to open locks. This happens if the situation requires a more detailed documents check if the emergency locksmith has even the slightest doubt about the legality of such actions.

The emergency locksmith will open your apartment if the lock is broken or the keys to the lock are lost. He can replace the broken lock with a new one on the spot during the same visit. Keep in mind, it is impractical to repair cheap Chinese locks, and it’s more cost-effective to simply replace them with a more sophisticated locking device. The specialist will give you maintenance tips to prolong the service life of your newly installed locks. We guarantee that the door will remain intact after opening the locks of apartments and offices. In case there is a power outage, our employees carry autonomous power supplies. Our locksmith can also help you in case you need assistance in opening the safe while preserving its structural integrity if the key or code is lost. He will open the safe lock without using a drill or other destructive methods. If necessary, you can change the code of the safe locking mechanism on the spot or change the lock to a new model with different keys. We can open safes of any model and security level. If necessary, you can order replacement keys with our workshop.


We strive to be dependable and be there for our clients when they are faced with a difficult situation. You can count on professional locksmith assistance at any time of the day, no matter the weather conditions and other circumstances. Be alarmed if someone shows up to you in an unmarked vehicle and doesn’t provide any identification straight away. There are many scammers around us nowadays that are happy to take advantage of a person facing difficulties. We recommend you don’t risk it, and call trusted local locksmith company for taking care of your car lock. The lock opening prices range from 45 to 120 pounds, and from 50 to 100 pounds for car models of a domestic and foreign manufacturer, respectively. Expert advice and consultation are provided free of charge. You may request a car locksmith by calling at 0113 9496 0274. If the weather permits, he will arrive by motorcycle as quickly as possible.

Now that our country is in a rather difficult financial situation, people are trying to save money on everything. Many goods and services rise in price. Despite this, we try to stay in the same price range as in previous years. This is achieved by optimizing costs and partnerships but not at the expense of the quality of the work performed. Why should you seek the services of a reputable company for the emergencies associated with faulty locking devices? It all comes down to trust. By turning to us, you can be sure that you are helped by an honest and qualified specialist. Sometimes drivers find themselves in a situation when it becomes necessary to open the car lock without a key. This can happen for various reasons:

  • The keys were left in the passenger compartment or trunk of the car.
  • The battery is discharged, and the door lock does not work.
  • Loss of the last copy of a car key.
  • Malfunctions of the alarm.

Despite financial costs, the correct solution would be to contact an experienced locksmith; here, it is important not to make a mistake in choosing a company. We offer the highest quality services. All the company’s specialists have been trained at our facility by seasoned professionals under strict control and guidance. Each candidate goes through a rigorous selection process before he is allowed to join our team. Based on the knowledge and experience of our employees, we guarantee that we can open locking mechanisms of any complexity. What are the alternatives? Some drivers try to open the car on their own. Sometimes it really does lead to a positive outcome. But in a majority of case, such attempts are unsuccessful and lead to further worsening of the situation. For instance:

  • Peeled paint.
  • Broken glass.
  • Structural damage.
  • Burnt out vehicle control unit.
  • Broken locks.

You run the risk of paying a hefty sum of money for the repair of damages that could be avoided altogether have you let the emergency locksmith handle the task of opening your car door. The job requires knowledge about the design of various locking devices, as well as special tools and skills to use them. An unqualified locksmith will not miss an opportunity to train on someone else’s car. If the so-called “specialist” miraculously was able to open the lock, the happy car owner may not immediately see that now it is necessary to go to a car service to repair the consequences. It is not possible to open cars featuring double locking if you do not have master keys. These models include Opel, BMW, Skoda and some others. Our services are available around the clock. All work on opening the car is carried out upon presentation of documents for the vehicle. We are the real pros in the field of emergency opening. We’ll gladly assist the residents of Leeds and surrounding areas at any time of the day. The dispatch centre can be reached by phone at 0113 9496 0274.


The growth in the well-being of our citizens affects their security systems; the doors of apartments and houses are becoming more massive and locks more complex. Sometimes the advances in the technology play a cruel joke with the owners because in the event of opening the door locks without keys, getting into the house can be a real problem. No one is insured against the loss of keys, breakage of a lock or key, and locksmith services are in high demand. A gain of entry to a locked apartment is an area of interest not only for burglars that are looking to take possession of the property of its owners, but also a specialization of employees working in locksmith services. We help to easily get into the apartment for its inhabitants in case of problems with the keys or the lock. An emergency locksmith will open the door without spoiling its appearance, preserving the frame, upholstery and integrity of the door panel as much as possible.

The EMERGENCY LOCKSMITHS IN LEEDS specializes in opening door locks of any complexity. Save our phone number 0113 9496 0274 in your directory, so it’s at hand when you need it; we will promptly come to the rescue any time you need us and carry out non-destructive opening of the door locks. Emergency door opening is what we do. In our field, we are masters and real professionals. Extensive practical experience and knowledge of the structural features of the main lock systems allow us to declare our professionalism. We can open a door with locks of the most sophisticated design. After our work, most of the models of locks continue to perform their functions properly and do not require replacement. Below are the most common situations that call for contacting a local locksmith to open the door of an apartment:

  • Apartment keys are lost or stolen.
  • Lock on the front door is jammed.
  • Mechanical elements of the lock are damaged.
  • Key from the lock is broken.
  • Door slammed shut automatically.

Do not bother neighbours with the sounds of a power tool or try to remove the front door using a crowbar. Trust us, you want to keep your door intact! The best course of action is to call a 24/7 locksmith service to the scene of an accident for opening the lock that prevents you from accessing the premises; craftsmen will resolve the situation in a matter of minutes without inflicting unnecessary damage. We gain entry using special tools, own techniques and technical devices. Our methods minimize undesirable impact consequences of power tools used in the process of opening front doors. Often, after our intervention, repairs, replacement of the lock or restoration of the appearance of the door are not required. We open offices, retail and warehouse premises with complete preservation of the functional capabilities of locking devices whenever there is a technical possibility. Remember, all work on opening the doors of an apartment, garage or car is carried out after the presentation of documents confirming the ownership of the object. Otherwise, the entry is gained only in the presence of a neighbour or police officer. Our locksmith team has the right to refuse services without giving a reason should there be any suspicions about the legality of the process.


We can open unique locking systems that are used in antique safes, vaults and ATMs in addition to modern models of safes; trust the professionals. Back in the days, safes were used only in banks and large organizations. Now they can be found in many apartments, hotels, nearly in every organization. The safes, of course, are mainly purchased for the purpose of storing valuables. Some people use them for safekeeping important papers should there be a fire. Most of us find safes quite convenient and practical, as they limit the access of unauthorized persons to the contents. But sometimes, the owners themselves can’t access their items kept inside the safe due to various reasons:

  • Incorrect use of the safe locking mechanism. Often, the owners fix a disk used for dialling code with a tape so that it’s always in the right position, and the lock itself is opened using a key to simplify the process of daily opening of the safe. But sooner or later the cleaning lady, wiping the dust, will tear off the tape and move the disc making it impossible to open the safe if the owner hasn’t memorized the combination.
  • Violation of a sequence for correct dialling of the code. This is another common issue with intricate locking devices of some safe models that require following specific steps in the procedure of opening the safe lock. In this case, search the Internet for how to correctly dial the code, or call us, and we will provide instructions over the phone.
  • Low batteries. In safes with electromechanical locks, the batteries can run out. For this reason, many models have contacts for an external power source.
  • Lost key or missing code. If you lose the key or forget the code, you will have to contact the locksmith. Keep in mind that a true professional will open the safe without drilling and will not use other destructive methods. Unfortunately, recently strange people from neighbouring countries with a dubious past have appeared in Leeds, who are engaged in picking locks but do not really know how to do it. After their work, the safes have to be thrown away, since the replacement of locks is comparable to the cost of a new safe.
  • Broken lock. The most difficult cases involve faulty locking mechanisms. Our emergency locksmith with technical education and vast experience will help you in opening the safe and replace the broken lock.
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