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We are your local go-to team of experts providing emergency, domestic, commercial and automotive locksmith services for the residents of Gledhow and the surrounding areas around the clock at the best prices. Our main advantages are a prompt response to emergencies, affordability and high-quality performance of work. You will be assisted by an honest, friendly and qualified locksmith. Feel free to call us at 0113 9496 0274 for a consultation and requesting the services.


Your safety is our job! Protection against damage and burglary is an important component of the safety and integrity of the property. It can be achieved by the competent installation of reliable lock and door structures. Incorrect installation or inappropriate combination of locks and doors will reduce burglary resistance of the system. The goal of a domestic locksmith is to provide customers' doors with effective protection in the form of optimally selected, modern and high-quality locking systems and their proper installation.

An experienced locksmith will eliminate any malfunction, install or repair locks; you can look up a complete list of our services on the website. By choosing local locksmith services, you do not have to waste time or worry about the quality of work. The 24-hour locksmith Gledhow company has been specializing in domestic opening, replacement, restoration and installation of door locks for over 12 years. Each locksmith is qualified enough to provide assistance of any complexity.

Another advantage of our locksmith company is the transparency of pricing. On the website, you can see the cost for any of the services and prices for the necessary consumables. We work with both individuals and legal entities and always welcome new clients. Our locksmith crew consists of professional craftsmen with vast experience in the field of lock repair, installation and maintenance, as well as other related services. A qualified locksmith is ready to work with any door structures and locks.

If you need a lock repair, you can request a domestic locksmith in Gledhow by calling at 0113 9496 0274. He will arrive at the appointed time, inspect the lock and decide on the best course of action. If necessary, the locksmith will remove, disassemble and examine the locking mechanism form the inside. A specialist can eliminate deformations of the internal elements of the lock, remove the blockage that interfered with the normal operation of the mechanism, clean the parts from corrosion or replace the springs.

It should be borne in mind that the decision on the lock repair should be made only after diagnostics performed by a professional locksmith. There are times when lock repair is not possible. If the parts of the mechanism are extremely worn out, the locksmith will recommend purchasing a new lock for replacement and will help you choose a model, the installation of which will not require reworking the door.


Our range of commercial locksmith services includes installation of high-security locking devices for the business in Leeds. Electromagnetic locks are often found on the front doors of commercial buildings to ensure a high level of security. This type of locking device is highly reliable, and the lock is controlled remotely. A commercial locksmith will identify the best solution for your particular case after a thorough inspection of the site.

All models of electromagnetic locks are united by a similar design: a case made of aluminium or steel, a winding that accumulates voltage, and a core that forms a magnetic field. Due to its operational characteristics and properties, the installation of an electromagnetic lock has several advantages over mechanical models such as increased resistance to wear, exclusion of the possibility for mechanical picking of the lock and ease of access control on the territory of commercial objects with high traffic. Installation of electromagnetic door locks requires professional skills and the correct choice of the locking device. These locks can be used for the following purposes:

  • Individual – found in private houses, apartments, offices, storage facilities.
  • Public - installed on general-purpose doors, government agencies, companies, offices, businesses and other commercial premises.

As a rule, a commercial locksmith will carry out the installation of an electromagnetic lock at the top of the door frame, and not in the middle. It is important to take this fact into account and, if necessary, take care of strengthening the door hinges. It is also worth paying attention to the dependence of the lock on the power supply; in case of a power outage, you will need a backup battery for its autonomous operation.

A professional locksmith will help you to correctly install an electromagnetic lock on a front door and take into account all the features of the device operation. Our locksmith team is well versed in all the intricacies of the most sophisticated locking devices on the market. Services are provided 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. You can count on your local Gledhow locksmith to take care of the situation at any time of the day.


24-hour locksmith Gledhow is a reliable company capable of providing high-quality emergency lockout services for opening doors of any type. Emergency locksmith is available around the clock, seven days a week, without holidays and the services are covered by a guarantee. You can also take advantage of free professional advice from an experienced locksmith. Contacting us has a number of advantages such as prompt response, qualified emergency locksmith staff and availability at any time of the day.

There can be several reasons why the door lock can’t be opened. But regardless of the circumstances, such an emergency requires a well-thought-out algorithm of actions:

  • First of all, stay calm and act on the basis of the current situation.
  • If you have misplaced the key and lock is working properly, you need to try to remember whether relatives or neighbours have a spare copy of the key.
  • Otherwise, call emergency opening services and indicate your name, contact phone number, address and the alleged cause of the malfunction (if possible).
  • Check the availability of documents confirming your ownership of the object to be opened.

As a rule, in case of an emergency call, no more than an hour passes from the moment the request is received until the completion of the opening procedure. Such services are provided strictly within the framework of current laws and regulations exclusively by a professional locksmith organization. The door is opened after confirming the ownership; if the papers are missing, the locksmith will proceed with the opening only in the presence of a neighbour or police officer.

The company's locksmith staff has extensive experience in dealing with various locking mechanisms and has all the necessary equipment for a quick gain of entry without any adverse consequences for the customer's property. Our rates are among the most competitive in the area; we guarantee high-quality and full-fledged services. The locksmith will help you to open a lock of any type and complexity of the design without damaging the door and accessories.


The list of our locksmith services includes 24/7 emergency opening of cars. Auto locksmith can gain access to a locked car featuring the most sophisticated security systems while fully preserving the integrity and functionality of the locking mechanism. 24-hour locksmith Gledhow will promptly respond to the call; on-site visits are carried out around the clock. By choosing our locksmith company for emergency opening services, you can rest assured knowing that your property is safe. As a rule, problems with the car lock occur unexpectedly. Below are some of the possible situations that may require contacting emergency services:

  • Faulty alarm.
  • Chip key malfunction.
  • Failure of control and security systems.
  • Low or dead battery.
  • Jammed lock.
  • Breakage of the key.
  • Loss or theft of auto keys.

Auto locksmith can open not only locked doors but also the trunk, fuel tank lock, etc. Employees of our company specialize in various types of car locks; thanks to their wealth of experience, craftsmen can unlock almost any locking mechanism. If you accidentally locked keys in the car or locking mechanism is out of order, our locksmith is ready to rush to your aid. Regardless of the type and brand of your vehicle, specialists will help you open the lock quickly and without damage.

The presence of special electronic locks in most modern cars increases the level of vehicle protection. The likelihood of a break-in or theft of a car decreases, but it becomes difficult to make a key for a car. Only specialists with relevant experience and using special equipment can perform such work. Our locksmith will assist the car owner who has come to the workshop, or alternatively, we will manufacture and deliver the key to the client. We use modern Italian equipment for the manufacture of auto keys, which guarantees not only speed but also high-quality work.

Drivers contact us in order to make a copy if they have one car key. Our services are also in demand among those drivers who have lost all car keys and can’t get into the car. Duplicates made by specialists are useful for replacing a worn-out or lost key set. The auto key duplicates we make are guaranteed to perfectly fit and match the ordinal copy of the key.

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We guarantee the professionalism and quality of the work performed. Our crew members reside and work in Leeds, which ensures fast response to emergencies; a specialist will get to any point in the city within 25 minutes. The services are available 24/7, call outs are free, and any work is backed by a warranty period.

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